“The plays in this series are important because we’ve been struggling as adults to talk in any meaningful ways about the issues that have lead us up to this point, and I view being a part of a series like this to be no less than the duty of the artist to the world we live in. While some take to the streets and others lobby their legislatures, others give money quietly, set up legal services for the wrongfully incarcerated to do their part, others tell stories to help move us forward.

These pieces all represent parts we need to play, and I hope they help.”
David. S. Harewood

DAVID S. HAREWOOD has spent the last twenty years exploring the intersection of art and social justice movements, sometimes  working as a community and political organizer or as dramaturge for CATCO’s EUBIE! In ‘18, director of The Colored Section (Onyx, ‘16), Abraham Lincoln. . .( Evolution, ‘16), The Tempest (Actors’, ‘17,) The Color Purple, (SoArtsPro, ‘18,) and Home CATCO, ‘19). His post-COVID works include re-imaginings of great speeches and letters from the Civil Rights era and before, one in collaboration with the Abbey Theater of Dublin and a series that can be found on the Theatre for All People Facebook page.