“During this time of social uprisings, it’s even more important for art to be relevant and timely. That’s what we’re getting with these Idris Goodwin’s plays. And right now I’m especially interested in doing work that shows the beauty of Black joy in every day life. That’s what drew me to The Water Gun Song. It’s exciting that people from across our community, country, around the world, will be able to access this production in ways that theatre has not traditionally allowed. It’s also exciting to see new and diverse talent being featured through CATCO from actors, directors, and crew. While these pieces are geared to families to spark conversations about how combat racism, I believe people from all ages and walks of life will be able to enjoy them and engage in discussion. The conversations are a first step. It’s up to each of us to decide how we’re going to take action.”
Shanelle Marie

Shanelle Marie is thrilled to be working again with CATCO after performing in Home. She credits her first acting teacher as her beloved grandmother, who would bring Paul Lawrence Dunbar’s poetry to life. Previously, she was the assistant director of The Color Purple with State of the Arts Productions. As a board member and collaborator with the Maroon Arts Group, she helps to create performance arts to nurture local talent and enrich the community. Her favorite moments on stage include performing for Ruby Dee, “Ruth” in A Raisin in the Sun, “Marrell” in This with Available Light Theatre, and as a Tedx Columbus Women.