October 22-November 9, 2014
Studio Two, Riffe Center

Asher Lev is a Hasidic Jew. He is also a prodigy who must be a painter, though it flies in the face of family, community and tradition. His gift must be realized, but at what cost?

“Just as Asher is graced with a gift of talent from God, CATCO and Gallery Players have graced Columbus with a tremendous gift: this play.”
– Columbus Dispatch

“Brings this classic story of self discovery to life with emotive performances from a small, but immensely talented cast.”
– BroadwayWorld.com

“The sum total of all this effort is a nearly perfect staging.”
– ColumbusTheater.org

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Asher Lev

Isaac Nippert

Director/Producing Director

Steven C. Anderson

Rivkeh Lev

Melissa Graves

Stage Manager

Christine Hentz

Aryeh Lev

Ralph Scott

Assistant Stage Manager/Acting Apprentice

Beth Conley

Scenic Designer

Eric Barker

Lighting Designer

Jarod Wilson

Costume Designer

Marcia Hain

Sound Designer/Props Master

Keya Myers-Alkire

Technical Director

Joe Wolfle

Production Technician

Greg Sutton

Associate Producing Director

Joe Bishara

Education Director

Heather Burley

CPAC Facility Coordinator

Curtis “Nitz” Brown

Acting Apprentice

Andrew Protopapas

Acting Apprentice

Annie Huckaba

Tech Apprentice

Johanna Breiding

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Photo taken by Sostrom Photography