To help explain the excitement and reason behind the name change, here is Artistic Director Leda Hoffmann and Executive Director Christy Farnbauch.


Yes! The shortened name is “The Contemporary.”

We produce professional theater that is, by, and for Ohio. That is to say we hire actors, technicians, directors and playwrights, designers, staff, and other creative people from all over Ohio and the region. Your neighbors! In addition, we select works that cover the topics that people in Ohio care about. In these ways, our work elevates pride in Ohio theatre like Ohio sports or Ohio-made products.

In addition, many regional theatres include their state or region in their name, so we are following that naming structure. This is a recognizable naming pattern in the industry for arts organizations of a certain size and impact, so it helps us plant a flag and puts us on the map in a bigger, bolder way. Our name provides the foundation to support us as we continue to increase our reputation locally, regionally, and nationally.

When new plays start at The Contemporary Theatre of Ohio, people all over the country will know they started right here in Columbus, Ohio!

The word “contemporary” speaks to our unique point of view: our productions are contemporary and so are our ideas. We bring forward topics and ideas that matter to our community. Our productions and education programs engage with the current moment, they are connected to the now. While “contemporary” was in our former name, it got lost in the acronym, so we’re highlighting it now. Our new name gives a nod to our roots and embodies our future.

The world evolved during and after the pandemic, and so did we. To stay contemporary, we must evolve. We have a passionate Board of Directors, a bold artistic vision, and strong leadership under Christy Farnbauch, Executive Director, and Leda Hoffmann, Artistic Director. You can still purchase tickets, enroll for classes, and make investments in our work on our website. You will see our new name and logo immediately. Here are some additional changes you’ll see:

  • The website can now be found at www.TheContemporaryOhio.org.
  • Our social media handles have been updated with our new name and logo. If you already follow us on social media, you don’t need to do a thing. If you don’t follow us on social media yet, please do! We look forward to connecting with you!
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  • Our email addresses are rebranded so reach out to us using this email format: First initial, last name, @TheContemporaryOhio.org.

When you see a show or have an experience with The Contemporary Theatre of Ohio, you’re not simply going to be entertained. You’re engaging with the current moment through intimate, theatrical storytelling, at its best. The experience may help you see a community issue in a new way, learn something new, or spark more empathy in your relationships. And, rest assured, contemporary doesn’t mean we’re going to lecture to you. Laughter and joy are at the heart of our work. Sparking empathy is critical because it builds stronger social connections and community. Our programming is designed to stretch and challenge thinking, and ultimately build a stronger community.

Live professional theatre is essential to a strong growth-oriented and prosperous community. Theatre creates healthier, more engaged communities. We are creating a community where people want to live, that companies want to do business in, and where everyone living in Central Ohio has access to contemporary theatre. Whether you are an audience member, donor, sponsor, board member, student, partner, employee, or volunteer, you are playing an integral role in anchoring a thriving theatre ecosystem in Ohio. As we grow, we will hire more Ohio artists and creative workers, engage with more students inside and outside of the classroom, and anchor the revitalization of downtown Columbus and the region, thereby retaining a robust pool of creative workers in Ohio and growing an equitable economy.

Thanks for asking!

As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, we depend upon the contributions of many individuals and organizations in our community whose support allow us to create transformative experiences both on and off the stage. Learn how to make an investment to The Contemporary Theatre of Ohio or become our next community partner.

Please purchase your season tickets today and share our news with your friends and family.

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  • Did you hear? CATCO is now known as The Contemporary Theatre of Ohio. Visit their website to learn more. www.TheContemporaryOhio.org
  • I’m on board with creating a community of people who practice empathy! Check out what The Contemporary Theatre of Ohio is doing to help make this happen. www.TheContemporaryOhio.org
  • I just purchased season tickets for The Contemporary Theatre of Ohio. I support local restaurants and I’m also excited to support local Ohio-based professional talent! Join me! www.TheContemporaryOhio.org



For more information or to set up interviews, please contact Christy Farnbauch at 614-453-4601, or cfarnbauch@thecontemporary.org.


OUR 2023-2024 SEASON

Whether you have been a long time CATCO fan or are jumping into this new moment with The Contemporary, we can’t wait to see you in the theatre!