April 19–May 7, 2017
Studio Two, Riffe Center

World Premiere
Henry Ford was a complex genius. He tried to mold his son, Edsel, in his own image. The result was a family rivalry that was both cruel and tragic.

“A deeply moving work that understands the ambiguous nature of history and the human heart.” –ColumbusUnderground.com

“A historical drama that carries meaning for audience members of all ages.”

Check out this article that informed some of Brown’s thinking as he worked through the development of the script for Henry Ford’s Model EAnd read through Herb Brown’s notes on the play itself!

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Full Cast

Production team


Henry Ford

Steven Black


Steven C. Anderson


Charles Sorensen

Todd Covert

Stage Manager

Kristen Upchurch


Edsel Ford

Christopher Storer

Scenic Designer

Dan Gray


Costume Designer

Ruth Boyd


Lighting Designer

Cindy Stillings


Props Master

Ben Sostrom


Technical Director

Joe Wolfle


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