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Cowgirls Don’t Ride Zebras

Book by Chris Leyva | Airing Monday, June 29 | 10 am

ABOUT THE BOOK: Penny loves books and has just discovered a new one about cowgirls! With her best friends, Cassandra and Jack, she’s determined to become the best cowgirl EVER. But Penny doesn’t have one of the most important things a cowgirl needs: a horse! So, she and her friends head to the zoo to find the perfect animal.

The Cat in the Hat

Book by Dr. Seuss | Originally aired Monday, June 15 | 10 am

ABOUT THE BOOK: Poor Dick and Sally. It’s cold and wet and they’re stuck in the house with nothing to do . . . until a giant cat in a hat shows up, transforming the dull day into a madcap adventure and almost wrecking the place in the process!

Knuffle Bunny Free: An Unexpected Diversion

Book by Mo Willems | Originally aired Monday, June 8 | 10 am

ABOUT THE BOOK: Trixie and her family are off on a fantastic trip to visit her grandparents—all the way to Holland! But does Knuffle Bunny have different travel plans?

Knuffle Bunny Too: A Case of Mistaken Identity

Book by Mo Willems | Originally aired Monday, June 1 | 10 am

ABOUT THE BOOK: Trixie can’t wait to bring her one-of-a-kind Knuffle Bunny to school and show him off to everyone. But when she gets there, she sees something awful: Sonja has the same bunny. Suddenly, Knuffle Bunny doesn’t seem so one-of-a-kind anymore. Chaos ensues until the bunnies are taken away by Ms. Greengrove. After school, Trixie finally gets her beloved bunny back. But in the middle of the night, Trixie realizes something. She has the wrong bunny!

Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale

Book by Mo Willems | Originally aired Monday, May 25 | 10 am

ABOUT THE BOOK: Trixie, Daddy, and Knuffle Bunny take a trip to the neighborhood Laundromat. But the exciting adventure takes a dramatic turn when Trixie realizes somebunny was left behind? Using a combination of muted black-and-white photographs and expressive illustrations, this stunning book tells a brilliantly true-to-life tale about what happens when Daddy’s in charge and things go terribly, hilariously wrong.

Green Eggs and Ham

Book by Dr. Seuss | Originally aired Monday, May 18 | 10 am

ABOUT THE BOOK: “Do you like green eggs and ham?” asks Sam-I-am in this Beginner Book by Dr. Seuss. In a house or with a mouse? In a boat or with a goat? On a train or in a tree? Sam keeps asking persistently. With unmistakable characters and signature rhymes, Dr. Seuss’s beloved favorite has cemented its place as a children’s classic. In this most famous of cumulative tales, the list of places to enjoy green eggs and ham, and friends to enjoy them with, gets longer and longer. Follow Sam-I-am as he insists that this unusual treat is indeed a delectable snack to be savored everywhere and in every way.

The Empty Pot

Book by Demi | Originally aired Monday, May 11 | 10 am

ABOUT THE BOOK: This is a story about a boy who loves flowers but is unable to grow one in the emperor’s contest. Demi’s exquisite art and beautifully simple text show how Ping’s seeming failure is turned around in this satisfying tale of honesty rewarded.

We Are in a Book!

Book by Mo Willems | Originally aired Monday, May 4 | 10 am

ABOUT THE BOOK: In We Are in a Book!, Gerald and Piggie discover the joy of being read. But what will happen when the book ends? Using vocabulary perfect for beginning readers (and vetted by an early-learning specialist), Mo Willems has crafted a mind-bending story that is even more interactive than previous Elephant & Piggie adventures.

Happy Birthday to You!

Book by Dr. Seuss | Originally aired Monday, April 27 | 10 am

ABOUT THE BOOK: In the picture book Happy Birthday to You!, Dr. Seuss has crafted the perfect celebration of the person you were born to be. When the Great Birthday Bird arrives to usher in your “Day of all Days,” you can expect a colorful romp full of fantastical fun that is all about YOU!

Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed

Book by Mo Willems | Originally aired Monday, April 20 | 10 am

ABOUT THE BOOK: Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed, Willems’ best-selling children’s book, tells the story of Wilbur, a naked mole rat, who discovers a love for clothing and style in this tribute to individualism and that it’s OK to be yourself.